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Ionian Mode basic harmony explanation of the Ionian mode.

The Ionian mode is the 1rst degree of the major scale. In the key of C major it is the scale of C playing all the notes of the scale from C to C

There are 7 modes based on the major scale who are:

Ionian scale of C for C to C
Dorian scale of C for D to D
Phrygian scale of C for E to E
Lydian scale of C for F to F
Mixolydian scale of C for G to G
Aeolian scale of C for A to A
Locrian scale of C for B to B..

Custom Strat with Gold Foil GFS Humbucker pickups – Sustain Block & Artec VTC booster.
This guitar was made using a zebra body ordered at Aliexpress, Gold Foil Humbuckers and a single coil pickup from Guitar Fetish website.

  • The neck is also from AliExpress
  • Tuners are Planet Wave
  • Rolling nut is from Fender (slsr roller nuts)
  • Sustain block from GFS
  • Goldo back box for tremolo stability
  • The guitar weighs a ton, but it sounds and plays amazing. Enjoy the video for your pleasure

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