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http://www.zappa.com Frank Zappa (guitar, vocals) Terry Bozzio (drums, vocals) Roy Estrada (vocals) Adrian Belew (guitar, vocals) Ed Mann (percussions, vibraphone) Patrick O’Hearn (bass) Tommy …

The John Scofield Band – Up All Night Verve Records; 2003 1. Philiopiety 2. Keep an eye out for Po-Po 3. Climber 4. Watcha See Is Watcha Get 5. I’m Listening 6. Thikhathali 7. 4 On The Floor …


Ralph Towner, Eberhard Weber, Jan Garbarek & Jon Christensen – Live at Jazz i Munch-museet, Oslo, 1975.

“My Foolish Heart” Dúo Ralph Towner, Javier Girotto (EEUU/Argentina) Usina del Arte (24/11/2012) Buenos Aires/Argentina.

Lucky chops playing chameleon at the train.


Show do Snarky Puppy no dia 15 de Dezembro de 2017 no Circo Voador no Rio De janeiro – Brasil.

Tony Dorris of Volition Amps comes by the Guitologist dungeon to speak about all things tube guitar amp associated. We’ll cover bypass caps, plate resistors, repaired adjustable prejudicing single-ended amps, and whether sinister aliens are accountable for the PCB and transistor.
– Visit Volition Amps:http://www.volitionamps.com/
and on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/user/que721
– Visit Gearmanndude on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/user/gearmanndude
– Merlin Blencoe “Designing Tube Preamps for Guitar and Bass” (a need to purchase):http://amzn.to/2CAR5N8
-630 V Metal Film Capacitors:https://www.tubesandmore.com/products/capacitor-630v-metal-film-tubular
– DIY Layout Creator:http://diy-fever.com/software/diylc/
– Hi-Voltage Effects Loop Mod:http://amzn.to/2BJP98s
– Amp Garage Forum:http://ampgarage.com/forum/
– Trainwreck Clone Transformers:http://www.rjguitars.net/transformers/
– Old Used Transformers: http://www.oldradioparts.com/pg2a23.htm.

Wish to find out the piano? Flowkey offers an enjoyable and interactive tool! Attempt it free of charge here:http://tinyurl.com/communicasound-flowkey

Discover the Eb MIXOLYDIAN MODE in 30 secondes with this simple animated music theory tutorial. Peace.


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