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Général Fraise – Hervé Senni

Musictubing Oct 10

Tune carried out with the Airline Map guitar for the lead part.
I utilized my customizeded guitar for the rhythm part to contrast frequencies of both guitars.
I utilized great deals of various impacts on both guitars track such as:.
Subdecay Noise Box (introduction and tail end of the last solo combined with the Arpanoid and WMD Super Fat-man).
I utilized the WMD Super Fat-man for the wah patern too, as well as as a frequency filter throughout the last solo, with Surh Riot distortion pedal & & the Subdecay solo bit.
I likewise utilized the Soul Food from EHX combined with the crunch noise of my Bugera amps near completion of the tune, after the bass groove interlude.
Lastly, I utilized in charge PS6 as a detuner on the crunch noise for the rhythm part.


Musictubing is Hervé Senni's nickname. He is a guitar, bass, mandocello, Irish-Bouzouki, and Ukulele player. He is also a composer, arranger, and music producer as well as webmaster. He's a self-proclaimed Youtube Star with a whopping 185 followers... and growing! He is also a kitchen guitar builder, specialized in advanced guitar electronic. According to urbandictionary.com, Musictuning stands for: "starting with a music video on youtube and picking another from the related videos moving from artist and genre's"

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