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Rock Greats

Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention – ONE SIZE FITS ALL

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  1. Inca Roads – 5:23
  2. Can’t Afford No Shoes – 2:37
  3. Sofa No. 1 – 2:38
  4. Po-Jama People – 7:38
  5. Florentine Pogen – 5:23
  6. Evelyn, a Modified Dog – 1:05
  7. San Ber’dino – 5:51
  8. Andy – 6:03
  9. Sofa No. 2 – 2:38


  • Frank Zappa – guitar, lead and backing vocals
  • George Duke – keyboards, lead and backing vocals, synthesizer
  • Napoleon Murphy Brock – flute, lead and backing vocals, tenor saxophone
  • Ruth Underwood – marimba, vibraphone, percussion
  • Chester Thompson – drums, sound effects, voices
  • Tom Fowler – bass guitar
  • James “Bird Legs” Youman – bass guitar
  • Johnny “Guitar” Watson – vocals
  • Captain Beefheart (credited as ‘Bloodshot Rollin’ Red’) – harmonica

Musictubing is Hervé Senni's nickname. He is a guitar, bass, mandocello, Irish-Bouzouki, and Ukulele player. He is also a composer, arranger, and music producer as well as webmaster. He's a self-proclaimed Youtube Star with a whopping 185 followers... and growing! He is also a kitchen guitar builder, specialized in advanced guitar electronic. According to urbandictionary.com, Musictuning stands for: "starting with a music video on youtube and picking another from the related videos moving from artist and genre's"

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