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One of the first song that made Dirty Loops a renowned group.
Complicated arrangements of popular songs. SInce they tried to make their own songs, and not a single one is popular.

Sadly the band broke up.
Let’s hope that each of them is going to use the fame they got with this venture to get to the next level and continue to gig.

Breaking News 🙂

Apparently, they are still together and kicking. Good stuff. I just found out about it searching for their FB page.

They are all amazing but I have a special crunch on the drummer and the snare sound. Amazing processing.

The most important member of the group is not appearing in the video: it’s the soundman. Geez, the mastering and crazy overdubbing and the re-recording job is fantastic.
They are all great players but live it’s a different story.
Nevertheless, Dirty Loops is one of the best group to emerge from Youtube and social media.

Check out their Facebook


Musictubing is Hervé Senni's nickname. He is a guitar, bass, mandocello, Irish-Bouzouki, and Ukulele player. He is also a composer, arranger, and music producer as well as webmaster. He's a self-proclaimed Youtube Star with a whopping 185 followers... and growing! He is also a kitchen guitar builder, specialized in advanced guitar electronic. According to urbandictionary.com, Musictuning stands for: "starting with a music video on youtube and picking another from the related videos moving from artist and genre's"

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