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Capacitors & Resistors Amp Techs Should Keep in Stock

Musictubing Dec 12

In this video, I’ll react to a concern I’ve been asked more than when – exactly what capacitors and resistor worths and types do I keep in stock if I wish to deal with tube guitar amps? That’s a 2 part concern, one being exactly what types or brand names, and the other being exactly what worths. Let’s check out my present stock and I’ll reveal you exactly what I keep in stock as basic and discuss why I equip these over a few of the other types and brand names on the marketplace, such as Jupiter, Sozo, Orange Drop, Sprague, JJ, and F&T. Resistor types consist of carbon compensation, carbon movie, metal movie, and wire injury.


Musictubing is Hervé Senni's nickname. He is a guitar, bass, mandocello, Irish-Bouzouki, and Ukulele player. He is also a composer, arranger, and music producer as well as webmaster. He's a self-proclaimed Youtube Star with a whopping 185 followers... and growing! He is also a kitchen guitar builder, specialized in advanced guitar electronic. According to urbandictionary.com, Musictuning stands for: "starting with a music video on youtube and picking another from the related videos moving from artist and genre's"

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